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Restoring or building an engine for your project can cost thousands of dollars. Engine dyno testing before installation can save you time, money and endless headaches by making sure that it runs and performs to perfection when you turn the key the first time!

dyno testing your engine

An engine dyno allows you access to all major engine components and support systems, making tuning your engine quick, clean, and efficient. Testing your engine’s oil pressure on the dyno saves you having to access hard to reach components after the engine’s been installed. During a shakedown on the dyno, you’ll be able to detect and correct leaks and find the source of any vibration or noise. Repeated passes on the dyno allow you to evaluate your build’s controllability under a full range of loads. In the end, you’ll leave knowing that your ignition timing, AFR, oil pressure, MSD/carb, lash and cam timing, and all supporting systems are ready to go!

Our custom-built engine dyno

Like our Chassis Dyno, our Engine Dyno was built for superior performance. It’s built on the same platform that GM uses for their Nascar program. At its heart is a Go Power Dual Rotor water absorber that can test up to 2,400 ft. Lbs. of torque at 10,000 rpm. We’ve proven our dyno has reliability by comparing HP for HP and Tq for Tq test results against engines tested in a government lab.

The dyno can accommodate both carburetted and fuel injected engines with multiple high-pressure fuel outputs for 300 HP to 2,000 HP. We can test gas, diesel, nitrous, and bio-fuel engines – everything from a simple 2-stroke up to 10-cylinder gas engines.

We can test headers of any size or style – including Pulling Headers. Unique to the industry, we’ve introduced a mobile water absorber so you can test your engine with complete exhaust systems from header to tailpipe – even with the catalytic converter and muffler fitted!

We built our dyno test cell to be one of the quietest in the industry and installed a large viewing window so you can watch as we run through the engine pulls. Our pricing includes tuning, but we realize some of you may prefer to do your own tuning and we’re pleased to offer a complete range of tools for your use.

test and tune to your goals

It’s important to identify your testing & tuning goals before your appointment. Your goal may be to break-in, test and tune a rebuild, or to compare the performance of different components such as camshafts, carbs, headers, air induction systems, etc. Or, you may just want to see what she can do! Whatever the reason for your visit, our expert technicians will work with you to meet your goals.

Breaking in a new or rebuilt engine

Properly breaking in a new engine when running it during the first minutes or hours is critical to performance and to extend the life of your engine. If done right, your rings will seat perfectly, and your cam lobes will be properly surfaced. We follow a specific procedure for break-in using carefully calibrated engine loads. After break-in, we can proceed directly to tuning for power and performance!


Engine Dyno Testing & Tuning

Price includes tuning; however, we recognize that some experienced tuners may prefer to do their own tuning with limited assistance.

Full-day $750

8 hours

Half-day $500

4 hours

Additional time $100/hour

note: all fees are subject to 13% hst

more tuning options

Chassis dyno tuning

Our chassis dynamometer was custom-built with the best components available. It's designed to consistently produce valid and reliable results so our expert technicians can custom tune your vehicle with pinpoint accuracy.

engine dyno tuning

Restoring or building an engine for your project can cost thousands of dollars. Dyno testing and tuning your engine before installation ensures that it will run and perform to perfection the first time you turn the key!  

custom tunes

We offer our own dyno built tunes on Aliengate or SCT programmers. We can provide a tune for your specific need, whether for towing, racing, improved mileage or for your daily driver. Easy to order and install (free shipping).

fleet tuning

Fleet vehicles tend to operate within defined geographical limits. When an engine is properly tuned to the road conditions and driving style you'll have fewer repair costs and realize a minimum 10% improvement in fuel efficiency!


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John C Valiquette
If your looking to have your car tuned and Dyno go to International Dyno Authority Great guys Was there this morning and will definitely be going back Unbelievable service Excellent jobread more
Aaron Jacques
Absolutely top notch in every respect. These guys managed to get an additional 200 ftlbs and 175hp out of a naturally aspirated LS3. Can't think of anyone I will be using from now on. Thanks guys!read more
Pascal Julien-Girard
great man,good job,fast service
Philipe Burelle
One of the best Dyno I’ve been to so far thx alot!!!read more
Kyle Berndt
Had a great time. Top class team at the shop. Tuning was on point. Put down some serious numbers!read more
Chris Shea
Shea Brothers Pulling Team would like to thank Marc and Shawn for their help with the Mistress tonight. Lots to learn with the knowledge these guys have. Curtis and I will be back again for sure!read more
Brandon Lamer
Alaster Mckale
Marc and the boys at international Dyno are great. Definitely coming back for more horsepowerread more
Shawn Kelly
Dean Bergeron
Great place. Marc and Brent are great guys. Very knowledgeable. They got my 2V Mustang to 425RWHP so it was awesome.read more
Tony Lebrun
Great tune on my 2016 f150 running awesome great bunch of guys they gave me what I wanted and more went out of there way to make you feel at home thanks guys highly recommend themread more
Julie Lebrun
Amazing work! My husband is so happy, thank you so much!read more
Joffrey BD
Stephen Gervais
Mark and coworker were great to deal with. Got base numbers on the truck. Also at a very convient time for me! Which made it easy to set up a time and go! Recommend these guys!read more
Sergiy Petrusenko
From our first conversation Mark was very polite and willing to help, he was able to book the appointment quickly and at a time convenient for me and provided excellent service, I couldn't be happier with my experience. Definitely will be back to Marks garage when I do more engine upgrades to my Roadking.read more
Julien Jalbert
Rob Cioffi
Dillan W Vincent
Samantha Valkenborg
Danny Kenny
Brian Barber
Johnathan Smallman
Zachary Clare
Bri Marvin-Miles
Great people! Makes anyone feel welcome! Thanks!!!read more
Nicholas McLean
Derek Pronk
Jamie Kadikoff
جاسم عبدو خلف
Curtis Shea
Mel Smallman
Casey Brown
Evan Johnstone
Pierre Mayer
Ian Clairoux
Great experience and informative at international dyno. Mark and his staff are awesome to hang with... putting my car on the dyno was fu&$@# crazy!!! Thanks a bunchread more
Corey Wert
Marc and the staff were awesome to deal with. They got my car dialed in making a boat liad of torque and hp...highly reccomend this shopread more
Mike Huizenga
Always a pleasure to do business with Marc and watch a truly enthusiastic individual working in his field!read more
Shane Kirby
Collin Laplante
Jonathan Chevrette
Jesse Carr Deslauriers
Just called and was very nice to talk to. Cant wait till there open to try out my new tune..read more
Steve Lanqhier
Jonathan Patry
Jonathan Holmes
Excellent service.. and very knowledgeable! Definitely a return customer here!read more
Spencer Holmes
Jeff Storing
Hey bud can't wait to come visit you are a great person and great ideas you will have a lot of fun being successful, not just sayin that to get a picture of my truck in your shop lolread more
Dakota White
Mat McGillivray
Marc Chartrand
Can't wait to see OTTAWA'S OWN Dyno Shop up and IN - ACTIONread more
Barrie Martelle
Finally a real shop in Ottawa that specializes in horse power.read more
Dany Tetrault
Ja Cur
Adam Murray
Great guy who likes to do great things. If it has wheels and makes power Marc is there. Always has a smile on his face.read more
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