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Restoring or building an engine for your project can cost thousands of dollars. Engine dyno testing before installation can save you time, money and endless headaches by making sure that it runs and performs to perfection when you turn the key the first time!

dyno testing your engine

An engine dyno allows you access to all major engine components and support systems, making tuning your engine quick, clean, and efficient. Testing your engine’s oil pressure on the dyno saves you having to access hard to reach components after the engine’s been installed. During a shakedown on the dyno, you’ll be able to detect and correct leaks and find the source of any vibration or noise. Repeated passes on the dyno allow you to evaluate your build’s controllability under a full range of loads. In the end, you’ll leave knowing that your ignition timing, AFR, oil pressure, MSD/carb, lash and cam timing, and all supporting systems are ready to go!

Our custom-built engine dyno

Like our Chassis Dyno, our Engine Dyno was built for superior performance. It’s built on the same platform that GM uses for their Nascar program. At its heart is a Go Power Dual Rotor water absorber that can test up to 2,400 ft. Lbs. of torque at 10,000 rpm. We’ve proven our dyno has reliability by comparing HP for HP and Tq for Tq test results against engines tested in a government lab.

The dyno can accommodate both carburetted and fuel injected engines with multiple high-pressure fuel outputs for 300 HP to 2,000 HP. We can test gas, diesel, nitrous, and bio-fuel engines – everything from a simple 2-stroke up to 10-cylinder gas engines.

We can test headers of any size or style – including Pulling Headers. Unique to the industry, we’ve introduced a mobile water absorber so you can test your engine with complete exhaust systems from header to tailpipe – even with the catalytic converter and muffler fitted!

We built our dyno test cell to be one of the quietest in the industry and installed a large viewing window so you can watch as we run through the engine pulls. Our pricing includes tuning, but we realize some of you may prefer to do your own tuning and we’re pleased to offer a complete range of tools for your use.

test and tune to your goals

It’s important to identify your testing & tuning goals before your appointment. Your goal may be to break-in, test and tune a rebuild, or to compare the performance of different components such as camshafts, carbs, headers, air induction systems, etc. Or, you may just want to see what she can do! Whatever the reason for your visit, our expert technicians will work with you to meet your goals.

Breaking in a new or rebuilt engine

Properly breaking in a new engine when running it during the first minutes or hours is critical to performance and to extend the life of your engine. If done right, your rings will seat perfectly, and your cam lobes will be properly surfaced. We follow a specific procedure for break-in using carefully calibrated engine loads. After break-in, we can proceed directly to tuning for power and performance!


Engine Dyno Testing & Tuning

Price includes tuning; however, we recognize that some experienced tuners may prefer to do their own tuning with limited assistance.

Full-day $1100

8 hours

Half-day $850

4 hours

Additional time $150/hour

note: all fees are subject to 13% hst

more tuning options

Chassis dyno tuning

Our chassis dynamometer was custom-built with the best components available. It's designed to consistently produce valid and reliable results so our expert technicians can custom tune your vehicle with pinpoint accuracy.

engine dyno tuning

Restoring or building an engine for your project can cost thousands of dollars. Dyno testing and tuning your engine before installation ensures that it will run and perform to perfection the first time you turn the key!

fleet tuning

Fleet vehicles tend to operate within defined geographical limits. When an engine is properly tuned to the road conditions and driving style you'll have fewer repair costs and realize a minimum 10% improvement in fuel efficiency!


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2535 blackwell street,unit 108, ottawa, ontario

marc chartrand


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19:30 06 May 18
Awesome guy running the place, smart, knows what he's doing, professional. Awesome fun
Dan Makela
19:36 16 Jun 17
The only place around where you can get this kind of service. Marc is a truly knowledgeable and passionate guy. Highly recommended
Logan Andrew
22:02 23 Jan 18
Kari Brew
11:23 08 May 17
Collin Laplante
15:45 30 Apr 17
Andreas Tanzer
16:55 18 May 18
Hakan Egitman
15:34 12 Jun 18
Very friendly staff and the owner is an expert!
00:33 10 Jul 18
Aaron Jacques
01:32 03 Aug 18
Top notch crew and shop! They know their stuff and know how to get every last bit of power and torque out of engines. Awesome all around experience...highly recommend and they will be my "go-to" shop from now on.
dogu Tuna
17:18 14 Aug 18
613/819 Streetoutlaws
22:01 28 Oct 18
Great place. Very knowledgeable guys!
Nick Rowan
03:10 27 Dec 18
Friendly staff and great service
Lana Berndt
22:58 13 Jan 19
Well organized. Well equipped..customer service A1
Turbo Parts Canada Inc.
23:22 04 Feb 19
Marc is great to work with. Drove right off a Dynojet to his and made same hp.
Robert West
18:42 03 Apr 19
I got my Chevy 355 dyno tuned here. Marc is very knowledable and patient, if you're looking for a place to get a dyno done in the Ottawa area stop looking. You've found the best one.
22:01 03 Apr 19
I was there last year too Dyno my car and i will be making plans to return this year Great Place Great People
Tim Luesby
17:27 25 May 19
Great guys who know what they are doing. Got an extra 86 hp with some adjusting and the car has never run better.
Joe Chevelle
04:01 07 Aug 19
Great place to get tuning done they help me alot and greater people
Jeremy Backs
13:22 02 Sep 19
Brought my Merkur to get tuned after being parked for 4 years, during that time it got a built motor, transmission and turbo upgrade, Marc, Wally and Chris all did a spectacular job, even when scratching there heads for a couple issues, they kept on having a positive attitude and even tried to teach me a few things and show how the process is done, these guys are definitly beyond the definition of professional and will take care of your car and you, I completely recommend bringing your car, bike, anything with a motor and these guys will figure it out and will help make safe reliable power. Even gave the Merkur a plug in his Facebook Livestream!! If you want to see what these guys do check them out of facebook or give them a call, these guys have your back.
Shawn Lewis
20:59 04 Sep 19
Great service very professional
Michael Papatzimas
19:37 04 Oct 19
Had a baseline Dyno done. Ready for a tune. Thanks Mark!
Ryan A
03:25 19 Apr 20
Extremely satisfied with International Dyno Authority. Marc and Wally are exceptionally knowledgeable and take the time to explain the processes and progression. Highly recommend!
04:40 11 May 20
Fantastic Service from Marc and Wally. They are super friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to have their car tuned and or get a baseline. Best Engine and Chassis Dyno around!!
Glen Lastiwka
04:52 31 May 20
House of power! Wally and Marc are one the best tuners around . Very professional and easy to work with.
Phil Tavares
18:15 06 Jun 20
The best dyno shop in Ottawa ! They treat you like family. Very professional and knowledgeable. I had my 5th Gen Camaro SS tuned by Marc and Wally and left smiling from ear to ear. The car runs super great and I have absolutely no complaints. Marc explained everything clearly and Wally did his magic, they got the beast out of it ! 75HP increase and over 100TQ at the wheels. It feels and drives like a new car on steroids. I would highly recommend this place for your tuning needs. Thanks guys 👍
Bart Bristow
15:49 22 Jun 20
Great place to have your car tuned. Very experienced and knowledgeable folks that also make it fun!
Sylvain Deshaies
02:23 14 Jul 20
This is an awesome friendly professional team, who worked at tuning this Gen 3, Coyote engine with 10R80 transmission, quite an amazing result, did not expect that much but you guys did it, thank you to Wally Walter Alberto and Marc Chartrand. Highly recommends this shop for tuning needs, this is the place, you will get results. Bravo zulu to all. The Orange Team lolll Anne & Sylvain
Tayler Bailey
19:20 25 Jul 20
Best place around to bring your car for a little more hp
Russ Salo
12:20 30 Jul 20
Marc and Wally are great at what they do! It's a real pleasure to work with them. There's no pretense or posturing here just good honest HOT ROD experience. Marc answers the emails you send..good communication no flakiness like so called other tuners or experts...They were able to pull about 60 extra HP out of my 440 Charger. As well they had me back for a small adjustment I wanted done and Wally diagnosed the problem in about 3 minutes and tweaked the program on my MSD EFI and POW!!! Throttle response I was hoping for...wonderful....
Tristan Beavan
03:47 25 Aug 20
Came in to get my axle and tire size recalibrated. Easy fix, but why stop there?.. you are at a Dyno shop! Woke my truck up from a 20 year nap. Less fuel, more power, and you wouldnt know my short box chev is a V6. The guys are great to deal with, very knowledgable, and talk honestly. The guy that left before me said "You will love this". 60s guy in a 60s muscle car with a smile bigger than a kid with candy. He wasn't wrong.
Sandro Savone
18:00 01 Sep 20
The absolute go to place to get your car tuned! Thanks to Marc and Wally! It was a Great Experience!
13:18 10 May 21
BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I actually only had basic knowledge about dyno tuning and i called these guys to book a tone for a car i was going to buy from ottawa and he filled me with all the details i needed and more i needed to know about the car and tune, now i have a good idea what to ask b4 i even buy the car, i wouldnt even mind diriving all the way from toronnto to this place to do any work with my cars. NO WORDS BUT RESPECT.
Pierre Ladouceur
13:31 06 Mar 21
Marc and Wally are awesome guys and are very knowledgeable! They were able to answer all my questions and educate! I went in with my 2017 Silverado 5.3l and they were able to get an extra 190ftlbs/lb of torque and 135whp out of it, with there custom tuning. Incredible work these guys performed!
The Last
00:48 16 Jun 21
Hands down. Marc And Wally have got it going on. they literally pulled a rabbit out of a hat with my truck. Yes! it is expensive! Yes it is worth it! Yes I would do it again! if you compare dollar for dollar what you get with other " tuners" this is an absolute no brainer. Proud to say I was able to join the 400HP club with their help! Book your appointment with these guys, and unleash the true potential of your vehicles engine. Way To Go International Dyno Authority!
Paul Landry
23:20 24 Oct 21
Wally is a master I have 2014 Challenger RT afe longtime headers injen evolution intake 430 hp 460 tq I got 0 to 60 4.6
Paul Landry
22:37 26 Oct 21
Wally is a master I have 2014 Challenger RT afe longtube headers injen evolution intake 430 hp 460 tq I got 0 to 60 4.6 seconds
Alex Paine
00:45 24 Nov 21
Best Dyno i ever been . professional staff highly knowledgeable.
David Nunya
00:10 25 Feb 22
Can't express how much I appreciate these group of great guys! Took the time to show/explain what they were doing with my ride and glad I chose Dyno Authority to tweak my toy. My ride runs better than ever! Doesn't matter what you drive, these guys will make it more efficient and add power!
Hamza Rawasia
21:20 29 Nov 17
They were very helpful with tuning my car. I would glady recommend the place.
Jason Villemere
18:41 15 Oct 22
International is Best dyno place hands down. I went to RSP Motorsports in London which was a big mistake. They destroyed my computer and made me pay for it. Truck never ran good after they touched it. I called Mark and Wally and they took care of me and went out of there way to make sure my truck ran the best it could. Fantastic guys to deal with. Don’t go anywhere else period!!!
Stephen Seal
19:09 23 Mar 23
We had our RAM EcoDiesel tuned back in January and we are in awe at how much better it runs. 20% better fuel mileage, better acceleration and smoother shifting. Marc was great to work with. He knows alot about modern engines of all types and can make your vehicle so much better to operate.
josh vickers
12:50 08 May 23
Marc and Wally are great at what they do. They never hesitate to answer questions or call me back even if it's after hours. Don't waste your time with anyone else. I would highly recommend these guys!
Ann Chenier
11:11 13 Jun 23
Post written by Paul Chenier - A terrific experience with Marc and Wally - and both very knowledgeable and a great team. My 2006 Charger Daytona is not the same car - its performance is now outstanding. I highly recommend! PS: keep up the good work
Phillip Alkenbrack
00:17 01 May 23
2002 Firebird Trans Am 5.7L 6 Speed Very friendly and knowledgeable guys. Walked me through step by step of their process. Showed me how they start and make sure the car is ready tune. Base line 318TQ and 274HP Tuned was 375TQ and 346HP
Mike Kohlsmith
22:52 04 May 23
Very impressive the guys were awesome 👌 Buick is flying now thank you so much for the great atmosphere love hanging with real car guys
jesse woods
13:46 28 Apr 23
Great people hands down... Took my New Challenger in for a tune and amazed with not only the power Gains for a bone stock car but the drivability now.... Wow. The car now runs way smoother then previously and didn't think the car ran bad before but a complete different driving car now for the better!
03:26 03 Aug 23
When considering tuning services for your vehicle, I highly recommend International Dyno Authority in Ottawa. Their facility is immaculate, and the team, particularly Marc and Wally, stand out as experts in their field. Not only do they provide a friendly and welcoming environment, but they also offer honest and transparent feedback about your build, steering clear of false promises. Throughout the tuning process, they take the time to guide you step by step, making gradual adjustments to witness your engine's remarkable performance improvements. Having visited them multiple times, I can attest to the consistently outstanding experiences I've had. Whether you seek a baseline dyno to assess your vehicle's current performance or wish to achieve significant gains through tuning, International Dyno Authority and the expertise of Marc and Wally are unparalleled. Moreover, on-site amenities, such as Joe's canteen, add to the overall positive experience and it is second to none!
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