On a snowy February day, Jayson Ziemba travelled all the way from Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, in his 2022 Bronco 2.7L twin turbo Badlands SAS Edition. Jason had found links to our two previous Bronco videos and, after several phone calls with us, decided to trust us with putting his highly modded ride on our chassis dyno for tuning.

This Bronco is not just another mall crawler. Jayson is an avid offroad enthusiast and member of the Michigan Bronco Club. Hitting the Michigan trails regularly, he’s outfitted his Badlands with numerous offroad mods and a ton of other accessories.

performance modifications

JMS Pedalmax Terrain
Mishimoto Intercooler
SPD Down Pipes
MagnaFlow 12229 Performance Muffler
AFE Blade Runner Charge Pipes

AFE Momentum GT Cold Air Intake
Turbosmart BOV VR19 Kompakt Dual Port
UPR Catch Can Dual Valve
JB4 Tuner Module
Full Vented Carbon Hood
All resting on a set of Maxxis Buckshot II 35″ tires with 1-1/2″ wheel spacers.

Hood up on Bronco showing engine bay with modifications

Off-road and other modifications

Full Carbon Swap Out
Dual Under Belly Camera W/7″ screen
Midland 575 W/Noise cancelling,ic
Garmin 276cx
Jtops Full Black
Woldbox 900 Video Mirror
Tailgate Table
Home Link Mirror
HVAC Knobs W/Digits
Escort Maxcam 360c

Trauma/First Aid Kit
EpiPen x3
Narcan x3
Fire Extinguisher x2
Emergency Water 1 Gal
Rhino 1″ Kinetic Recovery Rope
Soft Shackles
Jump Box
Tricky Dick Tie Rod Repair Kit

DV8 Aluminum wheel well liners Front/Back with thumb screws
DV8 A-arm, rear shock, rear diff skids
Maxxis Buckshot 2’s 35×12.50×17 W/ ice studs
Fab Fours sliders
Anderson Composite Type R hood (Carbon)
Anderson Composite Halo/Donut doors
Archaic Led Taillights Full Led Smoke

Oracle Roof Light Bar
Oracle Fiber Optic Dash Kit
Oracle LED Side Mirrors
Diode Dynamic SS3 Maxx x8 Front
Diode Dynamic SSC2 x4 Front
Diode Dynamic SSC1 Flush Mount x6 Rear Bumper
Diode Dynamic SS3 Max x2 Spare Tire
Diode Dynamic Engine bay LED kit
16 Ambience Interior LEDS
35″ Rear Interior Light Bar
KC Highlites 355 Cyclone led underhood

Dual ABR compressor x2
3-gallon air tank
Alphaworks tire inflator
Regulated and Unregulated ports
Air Tools Onboard

The Tuning Goals

First, Jayson has added every conceivable bolt-on performance booster to his Bronco to demonstrate how much HP a stock 2.7L can make. Before arriving at International Dyno Authority, Jayson hadn’t dyno-tested the Bronco to see what kind of numbers his mods generated, so we shared some anticipation over what the numbers would look like pre-tune.

Second, Jayson wanted to determine just how much power this 2.7L twin turbo could generate with a custom tune on the chassis dyno at International Dyno Authority.

And Jayson’s third goal was to increase the torque available, with minimum driver input, for trail riding and rock crawling.

International dyno authority logo

The baseline pulls

For the baseline pull, we disconnected the JB4 to see how the Bronco would perform with a stock tune. We did five baseline passes on the dyno. The pulls sounded good right from the start, with the turbo coming on at the right time. The Bronco’s first pull results were:
PkTq: 285.60 @ 3700 RPM
PkHP: 222.92 @ 4500 RPM
[Table 1]

Graph showing results of first baseline pull on the chassis dyno
Table 1
The third pass was a near-carbon copy of the first pass, with:
PkTq: 288.56 @ 3700 RPM
PkHP : 219.83 @ 4400 RPM
[Table 2]

Pulls four and five started to show signs of heat building up under the hood resulting in a slight decline in HP and Tq.

Surprisingly – especially given the number of performance bolt-ons installed – this baseline result was no better than any of the other Broncos we’ve tested and tuned. This result is consistent with our experience that performance modifications only deliver their full potential if the engine’s tuning is adjusted to compensate for changes in AFR, boost curve, and corrected ignition timing.

graph showing the results of the third pull on the chassis dyno for a ford bronco
Table 2
All-in-all, Jayson was surprised and disappointed with these numbers, especially given the investment he had made in all these after-market parts. As Jayson put it, “All the mods plus the jb4 equals not shit without a tune. Talk about a hard truth.”

(Editor’s Note: as explained above, the JB4 was disconnected for the baseline pulls.)

Another significant limiting factor we fully expected was the heavy 35″ Maxxis Buckshot tires on this Bronco. We achieved better baseline results when we tested and tuned a Bronco Big Bend Edition that was running the much lighter 32″ stock tires

All the mods plus the JB4 equals not shit without a tune. Talk about a hard truth

tuning the bronco – round 1

We made incremental changes to the boost and fuel curves during the initial tuning passes. Midway through the tuning, we were looking at:
PkTq: 400.85 @ 3800 RPM
HP: 307.83 @ 4500 RPM,
representing a gain of 102.29 ft-lbs of PkTq and 88 HP.
[Table 3]

Jayson began to smile again and become hopeful about what we might achieve.

dyno chart
Table 3

Maxing out the fuel system

After an hour or so of tuning, we felt we’d hit the maximum of what this Bronco was going to make with an impressive:
PkTq: 451.62 @ 4200 RPM
HP: 383.38 @ 4700 RPM
[Table 4]

An increase of 153.06 ft-lbs. of Tq and 160.46 HP from the baseline. Again, with the significant limiting factor of the heavy 35″ tires.

Definitely, a step up from the Wildtrak Sasquatch Edition we tuned last month, which also ran with similar heavy tires, with the Badlands besting the Wildtrak by 44.51 HP.

We knew there was more power to be tapped in this Badlands, but we ran into a problem with the engine running out of fuel system coming up against 90% plus injector duty cycle and tripping the knock sensor to shut down the engine.

dyno graph showing 451 ft-lbs Tq and 383 HP
Table 4

Let’s think about this

Wally decided to stop tuning at this point. A fundamental principle at International Dyno Authority is that our tuning must be safe. We never want to run into a situation where a vehicle we’ve tuned blows an engine due to incorrect or “on-the-edge race-style” tuning.

We recommend that Jayson invest in a Methanol Kit for this 2.7L powermill. A “Meth kit” injects a finely atomized spray of methanol into the cold charge pipe to reduce air inlet temperature and maintain the octane level, thus suppressing detonation/knock and preventing tripping the knock sensor that shuts down the engine.

For this kit, we recommended Alkycontrol. We’ve had excellent results with this company. Their quality standards are exceptionally high. We understand that Jason has already been in contact with them, and they are custom building his kit to match his Bronco, which will include the post-tune power results.

drivers side view of bronco badlands sas edition

round 2 – making the world’s most powerful bronco

Wally had a long discussion with Jason about the risks of continuing the tune. Jason expressed his intention of having the Meth kit installed as soon as he returned to Michigan and to be careful not to push the Bronco to its limits in the meantime. As a result, Wally agreed to have another go at tuning to see if he could maximize the potential offered by all of the performance modifications.

Wally got back behind the wheel and made a few more tweaks. The result:
PkTq: 507.96 @ 4200 RPM
PkHP: 423.24 @ 4500 RPM
[Table 5].

graph showing 423 HP making this the world's most powerful Bronco
Table 5

conclusion – tuning matters

First, we must thank Jayson for making the trip up from Michigan and trusting us with his heavily modded 2.7L Bronco. He’s obviously put a lot of time and money into this beast, and we’re always honoured when someone puts their baby in our hands. And boy, was this one fun. And when we made that big pass – man, were we excited!

Performance mods are fine, but custom tuning on a chassis dyno is essential to optimize their potential and get your money’s worth out of them. Whether we’re talking about a 2022 Bronco, a 2015 F250, a 2017 Hellcat or a ’69 Camero, we have found this to be the case time and again.

At the end of the day, we delivered an additional 220 ft-lbs. of Torque and almost doubled this Bronco’s Horsepower by adding another 200.32 HP!

Jayson was accordingly impressed with the road test he did with Wally but is particularly looking forward to getting this truck on the trail to see what the additional torque does to his rock-crawling game.

We know of no other stock 2.7L that can claim 423.24 PkHP AT THE WHEELS – leading us to claim that Jayson is currently running the world’s most powerful Bronco! However, the fat lady hasn’t finished singing. Jason plans to return for another round of testing and tuning after installing the Meth kit – will get even more power out of this 2.7L Bronco?

We had a great time with Jason and look forward to seeing him again!

Performance mods are fine, but custom tuning on a dyno is essential to optimize their potential and get your money’s worth out of them. We have found this to be the case time and again.

Another Satisfied Customer at International Dyno Authority

(From Jayson’s post on the Bronco6G forum):

Went to see the guys at International Dyno Authority. Loved the place. Team is awesome. Setup is small and personalized. Amount of knowledge was mind blowing. I tripped up Wally the tuner with the downpipes. First set they’ve seen on a bronco. He actually ran out of fuel and hit the lean fuel cut off. First time he’s ever seen that too. Said the exhaust is too efficient and loved it.

Took around 3 hours with 14 runs. Was very pleased with the trip.

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  Marc Chartrand