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Fleet vehicles tend to operate within defined geographical limits. When an engine is properly tuned to its routine road conditions and driving style, you will benefit by requiring fewer repairs and an improvement in fuel efficiency of at least 10%.

Save on fuel & repair costs

dyno tuning is not just for performance vehicles

New vehicles leave the factory with their engine’s tuned to generic driving conditions to account for a wide range of driving environments, driving patterns, and types of terrain (hilly, flat, mountains, etc.). But, most fleet vehicle’s operate day-after-day within similar driving parameters. While some localities are fairly level with moderate temperatures, other fleets operate in hilly or even mountainous regions with a more severe climate.  For example, a fleet vehicle in Ottawa would be operating under very different conditions from one operating in Vancouver, or Manitoba, or Halifax. By tuning your fleet, specific to your location and application, you can improve performance, reduce repair expenses, and improve fuel efficiency.

What demands are you putting on your fleet?

Taxis may spend a good deal of time alternating between idling and driving in heavy traffic, while delivery vehicles may also operate in city traffic but spend less time idling. Other fleet vehicles will spend most of their time running at highway speed between major cities or to rural areas. Our custom-built dynamometer is capable enough to handle everything from a Smart Car to a 14L tractor-trailer!

If you’re fleet is routinely carrying heavy loads or towing trailers, we can adjust your tuning to deliver the torque needed for safe hauling. By increasing engine torque, your fleet vehicles will be more responsive to throttle which can result in safer operation and the need for fewer repairs to major drivetrain components.

The benefits of dyno tuning your fleet

Fewer repairs

When an engine is properly tuned to the road conditions and driving style it is routinely subjected to, transmissions will shift smoother between gears and less frequently. As a result, the life of your entire drivetrain will be extended, and you will have fewer repair costs.

Tuning will also help prevent a common problem with ageing fleet vehicles. Engine knock. Prolonged. Engine knock. Prolonged engine knock can cause serious damage to an engine. Tuning helps prevent these costly repairs by ensuring that your fuel, air, and ignition timing are properly balanced.

Heat and friction are the primary enemies of engines. Engine heat degrades your engine oil which leads to increased friction that wears out piston rings, push-rods, cylinders, crankshaft bushings, and many other vital (and expensive) components.

RPM & speed limiters

Every fleet has at least one heavy footed driver. Racing an engine can result in added repair & maintenance costs and can shorten engine life. Excessive speed is dangerous to everyone on the road and a liability to your company. We can help by limiting both the highest RPM and speed the engine will reach.

Multiple Tuning Options

Hauling tools in the summer and plowing snow in the winter?

These two scenarios require very different responses from a vehicle’s drivetrain.  Some fleet vehicles serve dual-duty depending on the season. Our solution is to provide two separate custom tunes that are easily installed via a hand-held ECU programmer.


improved fuel efficiency

And, perhaps most importantly, your fleet will enjoy improved fuel efficiency. At a minimum, you can expect an improvement in fuel efficiency of 10% a year.

So how does dyno tuning improve fuel efficiency?

First, when properly tuned a vehicle’s torque curve is optimized to be more responsive to driver input. This means that your drivers will not have to press as hard on the accelerator (flooding the engine with gasoline/diesel fuel) from a stop sign or traffic signal, or when passing on the highway.

Second, when the proper combination of air, fuel, and spark-timing is delivered to the engine’s cylinders, combustion is more efficient, and excess engine heat is reduced. As mentioned above, excessive engine heat causes premature wear on engine components. Wear and temperature also have an impact on fuel economy.

Worn parts due to friction can cause havoc with gas mileage and emissions since the engine is pushed to work harder. Wear on the engine’s vehicle is a primary known cause of less efficient burning of fuel.

Dyno Fleet pricing is available

Whether you’re a fleet of one or one-hundred call us at (613)795-2779 to discuss how we can meet your business needs

*While dyno tuning can improve fuel efficiency, many other factors such as tire pressure, driver behaviour, load-weight, etc, can have an impact on fuel consumption.

more tuning options

Chassis dyno tuning

Our chassis dynamometer was custom-built with the best components available. It's designed to consistently produce valid and reliable results so our expert technicians can custom tune your vehicle with pinpoint accuracy.

engine dyno tuning

Restoring or building an engine for your project can cost thousands of dollars. Dyno testing and tuning your engine before installation ensures that it will run and perform to perfection the first time you turn the key!

custom tunes

We offer our own dyno built tunes on Aliengate or SCT programmers. We can provide a tune for your specific need, whether for towing, racing, improved mileage or for your daily driver. Easy to order and install (free shipping).

fleet tuning

Fleet vehicles tend to operate within defined geographical limits. When an engine is properly tuned to the road conditions and driving style you'll have fewer repair costs and realize a minimum 10% improvement in fuel efficiency!


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