1058 HP Dodge Ram turbo diesel

Casey Brown showed up at international Dyno Authority today ready to put some power to the ground, break some hearts, and blow some smoke!


Well, he did just that laying down a peak horsepower of 1058 hp and just over 1746 foot-pounds of torque!
His Dodge, known to everybody as “the grey truck” laid down horsepower like we have not seen the likes of here at International Dyno Authority before!

He upped the record from 1600 to 1746 Tq, and he upped the HP record from 988 to 1058! Do we have any more challengers? Casey is ready to take all-comers!
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  Marc Chartrand


Watch as we tune this Bronco almost to double the power of its initial baseline, producing an incredible 507.96 ft-lbs. of Tq and 423.24 HP at the wheels! On a snowy February day, Jayson Ziemba travelled all the way from Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, in his 2022 Bronco 2.7L twin turbo Badlands SAS Edition. Jason had found links to our two previous Bronco videos and, after several phone calls with us, decided to trust us with putting his highly modded ride on our chassis dyno for tuning.